The power of ideas
Fongaro was born in 1975 from the hard work and from the passion of its founder Guerrino Fongaro.
From the beginning the choice was that of privileging the cultivation of the autochthonous vine Durella. Typical of the area of Monti Lessini, on the hills that divide the province of Verona and that of Vicenza, its characteristic is its high natural acidity enabling the rifermentation of the Metodo Classico.
Unique for its nature
The particularity and the research of the Spumanti Fongaro is fruit of interesting binomial of vine and terrain. The company stands, in fact, on the volcanic terrains which gives Durella its distinct mineral properties and its unconfoundable sparkling values.
And the story continues…
The aim of Fongaro today, in its third generation, is that of giving its Metodo Classico sparkling wine appreciation even outside the area of belonging to this autochthonous vine and make this family’s passion from vine to wines known.
Since 1985, Fongaro’s products are made from certificated organic agriculture.