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Pas Dosé

High quality Spumante wine – Classic Method

Grape varieties: 100% Durella grapes blended with Durella grapes collected in different areas. Durella grape, a traditional autochthonous vine from the Veneto region, extremely vigorous, with a particularly thick, coriaceous skin, grown between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona where the land is rich of minerals able to give the wine the remarkable acidity with a high content of malic acid, which lends itself to the production of spumante. 
Zone of production: the hills North-East of Verona, in the Mount Lessini region.
Growing Technique: short Veronese tendone; overhead trellis.
Terrain: Volcanic origin
Harvest:  from the end of August to the beginning of October. The grapes are hand-picked into trays which are left in cold store for the cooling of the grape before pressing. 
Vinification Technique: Lightly pressed in temperatures of 10-12° C. The first fermentation takes place in thermo-controlled tanks with temperatures of around 15-18°. Average time of fermentation in the tanks is 20 days. The prise de mousse, formation of bubbles based upon its natural fermenting agents, takes place in April. Maturing:  in the bottle using its own yeast for at least 36 months.  Remuage sûr pupitres: on final maturing, the bottles are taken from the stacks and inserted in the riddling racks neck down.  They are rotated by hand every day for about 30 days after which the dégorgement is carried out. In the case of sparkling wine Pas Dosè during the dégorgement the bottles are refilled only with the same wine.


Alcoholic content: 12,50% vol.
Colour: golden yellow
Perlage: vibrant and persistent
Perfume: mineral, white and yellow flowers, hints of ripe yellow fruit pulp and deep scent of yeast
Tasting: well balanced between acidity and alcohol, full and persistent on the palate with a slight bitter aftertaste which invites salivation
Accompaniments: as aperitif, or with Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and with first fish courses.
Serve:  4-6° in flute as an aperitif; in coupe to highlight all its characteristics


Bottle: Champagnotta 0,75 Lt
Box: contains 6 bottles


Fongaro Pas Dosé